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Weaving Drafts

DSCN4188 (1280x960).jpg

Danish Rosette Deflected Doubleweave Towels

Diane Pigg created these beautiful towels based on designs from Handwoven May/June 2015 and  Drafts and Designs Vol 9 No 8 April 1967. The attached PDF contains her draft.


Planning for the Guild's 75th Anniversary in 2021

The Eugene Weavers Guild 75th anniversary celebration will include an exhibit about the history of the guild since 1946. It will include woven samples of historical textiles and updated versions of these samples woven in contemporary colors and yarns.  We encourage everyone to participate.  Download the PDF for a list of resources for historical drafts and some examples.

Noh coat.jpg

Noh Coat Challenge ANWG 2023 Conference

ANWG invites weavers to join them in weaving cloth for, and making, American designer Bonnie Cashin’s Noh coat as it appears in Threads Magazine Oct/Nov 1990 No. 31.

The coat is very simple and is especially suitable for handweavers who do not sew often. The coat is unlined, does not have set-in sleeves, and has binding for the edge. This means that the coat is all about the quality of the cloth. This design wears well on all sizes and shapes of women. ANWG hopes that anyone interested will weave the coat in time for the ANWG conference in Bend in June 2023. The more the merrier. It would be a spectacular expression of handwoven cloth. This is not a juried event, but there will be some event to show off the coats at the Conference.

Visit the ANWG conference site for additional information.

View the Noh Coat pull out.

Click on the PDF button below to view the Threads Noh Coat article.​


EWG Weave Structures Study Group on Shadow Weave Drafting

The EWG Weave Structure Study Group recently explored parallel threading.  The attached pdf provides a tutorial on designing 4 color parallel threading using Fiberworks weaving software.


2017 Annual Show Entry - Tribal Overshot

This overshot table runner was woven by guild member John Morse.

The pattern is based on draft #425 from "8- Shaft Patterns" by Carol Strickler.

The runner was woven with 10/2 and 20/2 mercerized cotton.  

2016 bread cloths_edited.jpg

2016 Holiday Sale Bread Cloth

These limited edition bread cloths were a real hit at our 2016 Holiday Sale.  Now you can weave your own!

This pattern is based on draft 61154.

Our cloths were woven with 10/2 mercerized cotton.    We used UKI #140 (safari) for the warp and UKI # 132 (red hot) for the weft.  In addition, a few very popular clothes were woven with blue or green wefts.

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