Resources of Interest to Weavers and Fiber Artists

Daryl Lancaster has been weaving, sewing, and teaching for decades.  She now has a sewing pattern line. Her website contains many wonderful resources.  Some of them are available for free including some of her class tutorials covering

  • Stay Stitching

  • Basic Pattern Alterations

  • How to create a full bust adjustment in a bodice

  • Options to clean finish an edge for handwoven fabrice

  • Bound buttonholes

She also offers a collection of informative You Tube videos.

Crafting with your Hands: All About Weaving and Spinning by Michele Wheat

  • Includes links to instructional resources, glossary of weaving terms, textile and weaving history , national and international organizations, and online  digital tools.  Many thanks to Anna who provided us with this great resource as a part of her research for her girl scout Textile Artist Badge.  Good luck Anna. Free eBooks

Thrums offers free pdf books for download.  Some of their selections include:

  • Speaking in Color

  • The Sacred Art of Navajo Weaving

  • 6 Miao Patterns to Color or Stitch

  • A Free Cast-on Pattern from Peru

Textile TV - Dead Craft Walking? A Handweaver's Take on Traditional Skills (You Tube Video)

  • Justin Squizzero has trained in weaving techniques with roots reaching back to medieval Europe. Handweaving functional textiles inspired by the past, his practice seeks to preserve a tradition with a relevant present and vital future. Using 18th-century New England handlooms and an 1860s Jacquard head, Squizzero’s work offers an alternative vision for American consumption, where handmade objects enrich the human experience.


Many Projects from One Warp: Choosing a Palette

  • Tien Chiu discusses choosing a color palette for one warp to create many projects.


Pictionary PDFs

Ply-Split Braiding

  • Linda Hendrickson shares her videos on ply-split braiding on YouTube.  Linda was scheduled to present our monthly guild program May 2020. 

Theo Moorman's Inlay Technique

  • Stained Glass Weaving Pattern, courtesy of Sienna Bosch and Scahcht Spindle Company, provides design process assistance, a pattern draft, and clear steps for making a wall hanging.

Origami Weaving


Tapestry Weaving

Eleanor Best of the Weaving Indiana Guild, shares a mountain of weaving reference materials.  PDF's to download include Drafting Basics, Supplementary Warp Handout, Finishing Wearables, Tartan and Scottish District Checks Handout, and more.

Robyn Spady's Heddlecraft website provides a wonderful resource of on-line learning opportunities in weaving.  Many thanks to Robyn.

Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center offers a wide selection of resources including many You Tube videos by Tom Knisely.

Warp and Weft provides a digital archive of drafts and publications for a small fee.  Many older textile books are available for free download.

Some fabulous freebies offered up by Handwoven magazine.  There's something there for everyone. Thank you, Long Thread Media!  Click on your choice below and explore these great opportunities.



  • Arianna Funk weave-along features Halvdrall Towels, both 4 shaft and rigid heddle.  View all episodes on her instagram account clothingformoderns.

Complex Weavers, is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of handweaving, to encourage weavers to develop their own creative styles, to inspire through research, documentation, and the sharing of innovative ideas.

Weaving Today is a free community with weaving techniques, instruction and trendsin free weaving blogs, eBooks, media galleries, and newsletters. This website contains over 60,000 hand weaving drafts that can be viewed, printed, and downloaded in WIF format.

Weavezine is a free online weaving magazine with articles for weavers of all levels, providing inspiration and information on techniques.

Beginner's Guide to Weaving, content rich page with some history, terminology, and cultural weaving links.

Rigid Heddle Weaving offers articles and on-line classes pertaining to rigid heddle weaving.

Weaver's Craft, a quarterly publication by former Handwoven editor Jean Scorgie, features well-designed projects with special emphasis on creative expression in color and design. The projects are for beginning and intermediate weavers on four- to eight-shaft table or floor looms, with most of the projects for four-shaft looms

PlaidMaker lets you create endless plaids with the colors of your choice.

Weaving Indiana is a wonderful collection of information related to weaving – including many free patterns.

Palette Generator takes your photo or any photo from the Internet and creates a color pallet you can then convert to dye and yarn colors.

Tim's Treadle Reducer attempts to take a complicated pattern and reduces it to something similar you can actually weave on your own loom.

Weaving from SnipView, "the illustrated magazine anybody can edit," includes sections on loom, braid, saris, tapestry, and textile arts.

YouTube is filled with amazingly professional (and sometimes not so professional) videos on every technique, problem, question or process. Search to your heart's content.

Facebook continues to add members and groups interested in fiber arts, weaving, and spinning. You can find wonderful tips and hints. Search Facebook using keywords or check out these for starters:
4-Shaft Weaving, 8-Shaft Weaving, Fiber Artists and Spinners, Spin2Weave, Warped Wrappers, Fiberworks, and Spin a Pound Get a Pound.

Etsy,  a website where people sell their handcrafted wares.  It is also a place to find looms and weaving supplies, yarn, and fiber.

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