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Suggested Titles for Purchase in 2024

The library is available to all guild members and includes an extensive collection of books, periodicals and DVDs.  The library is located at Eugene Textile Center (ETC) in the back of the meeting room.  It is open during guild meetings (when we return to in-person meetings) and whenever ETC is open, by requesting a key at the ETC desk.

A list of materials available to check out can be found at the top of this page and in the notebook labeled Library that is kept on top of the filing cabinet in the library area.  Materials are cataloged by subject code; the list of subject codes is located on the door of a library cabinet.

To check out library material:

- Write your name and the checkout date on the card found in the pocket at the back of the material.

- File the card under the first letter of your last name in the checkout box located inside the light colored cabinet in the library.

- Material can be checked out for one month. There is no overdue charge, but please return material on time as there may be someone waiting for it.

- When you return your item, retrieve the card from the checkout box, cross your name off the card, place the card in the item's pocket, and re-shelve the item according to its subject code.

- Please remember to lock the library cabinets when you leave.

If you'd like the Guild to purchase some book, please add your suggestion to the list taped on the door of a library cabinet. The Guild will periodically vote on new purchases.

Please enjoy this wonderful guild resource!


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