Sakiori Workshop with Yoko Tomura

I regret to tell you that the Sakiori workshop is cancelled for this year, and hopefully we will reschedule for next year.

It has been a hard decision for all of us, Yoko, Satoko, and me. Of course it is due to the coronavirus, COVID19.

Japan has a high rate of the infection, with level 2 precautions in effect.

There is no question that we want her to teach this workshop. We are thinking maybe April or May 2021. We don’t know what the future will bring, but it is human nature to make plans.


Yoko Tomura, a professional Sakiori weaver and teacher from Japan, will come to the US to teach a workshop here in Eugene and also in Portland. We are so pleased to be able to offer this workshop to our members. The cost of the workshop is $150. Materials will be available for purchase from the teacher. There is room for ten students in the class. To secure your place, give a deposit of $75 to Debbie Meckley, the guild treasurer.

Sri, a textile gallery in Brooklyn which specializes in antique folk textiles describes Sakiori textiles as follows:

Sakiori weaving uses a rag weft against a warp of either bast fiber or cotton. The weft material is often made from shredded kimono or other recycled garments which can be of cotton, silk or other material. Sakiori clothing was first woven by Japanese peasants around 1750 for its warmth and durability as newly minted cotton cloth at that time was too rare and expensive for a farmer or fisherman. The home manufacture and use of sakiori clothing and hearth covers in rural areas of Japan disappeared anywhere from 50-100 years ago, although a few individuals and some historical preservation societies still weave this cloth today.

More information about supplies for the workshop will follow.

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