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Study Groups

Eugene Weavers' Guild study groups afford opportunities for members to learn and explore shared topics of interest. A study group is organized around a common purpose as stated in it's mission statement along with it's goals and objectives. Study Groups are responsible to the Guild as a whole by reporting their activities through a variety of options which may include a presentation, gallery showing, newsletter reports or documents that include drafts and images.

Contact us for additional information.

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Weave Structure Study Group


The Weave Structure Study Group (WSSG) is a learning community devoted to broadening the understanding of weave structures through education, practice, and group sharing. The structures to be studied and the length of time for study are determined by group consensus.

2024 Update

We are currently studying M’s and O’s, Turned M’s and O’s, and Double Huck. We are also experimenting with painted warps to enhance our projects. We typically meet on the second Tuesday of each month, either on Zoom or in-person.


Please contact Cathy Barnes for more info.

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Weavers Who Sew Study Group

Krista Richey bag.jpg

In this group guild members will explore transforming rectangular textiles that come off their looms into clothing, tote bags, and home accessories. All levels of sewing expertise are welcome. We will share ideas and patterns and offer encouragement for individual projects. The group will be led by Cathy Barnes and will meet once every three months either on zoom or in person.

For more info contact Cathy at

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The Weaving Basics Study Group


The Weaving Basics Study Group is for weavers who want to improve their weaving skills.  This is a non-threatening environment where you can ask questions, get help with particular problems (selvedges, perhaps) and just discuss how you are doing with your projects. (Note- this is not a “how to weave” class, and we encourage all beginners to first take a class from the teachers at the Eugene Textile Center)

2024 Update

The Weaving Basics Study Group is aimed at beginning to intermediate weavers who  would like a place to discuss the ins and outs of project planning and practicing their weaving skills.  Our primary focus is on structures/projects on 4 shafts or less.  We've done two group projects on the guild baby wolf, and plan more group projects in the future.  Our meetings are fairly informal, and always include time to discuss any issues that have cropped up in your weaving practice, and always inspirational Show & Share.  We currently meet on the second Saturday of the month, sometimes via Zoom and sometimes in person.  


For more info contact Diane Pigg.

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The Natural Dye & Ethnic Textile Study Group


The Natural Dye & Ethnic Textile Study Group is dedicated to the use of natural dyes on natural fibers suitable for weaving, with an emphasis on locally available, organic, and sustainable dyestuffs. The exploration includes dyeing on cloth, and practices such as traditional ethnic dye techniques of shibori, ikat, and katazome.

Contact Diane Pigg for additional information.

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Scandinavian Weaves Study Group


The Scandinavian Weaves Study Group studies the weave structures of the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Sami, the indigenous peoples of northern Scandinavia and Russia.  Members of this group choose their own focus for study and weaving.

2024 Update

This group meets at ETC during “odd” months — January, March, May, July, September, and November — and shares an email newsletter during “even” months.

Contact Kathie Lindlan for additional information.

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Beyond 8-Shafts Study Group

DSC_2659 (2)M.JPG

The mission of the Beyond 8-shafts Study Group is to explore and share information relevant to weaving on looms with more than 8 shafts.
Membership Requirements:

  • Currently own (or have interest in owning) a loom with more than 8 shafts.

  • Have experience using electronic weaving software. for additional information.

The Beyond 8 Study Group has been busy planning block designs.  There are unique characteristics of designing with multiple shafts that are becoming apparent.  We are currently working on specifics of diamond designs for our 75th celebration show.


Contact Emily Guilland-Larson

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Rigid Heddle Study Group

Photo RH project.jpg

The Rigid Heddle Study Group emphasizes members using their rigid heddle looms for projects related to their personal interests.  Members support and encourage each other by helping to solve problems and by sharing project ideas and resources.  The group strives to educate others on how the loom allows weaving to be affordable and easy, yet as complex and demanding as the weaver chooses.

The group meets quarterly on Zoom and through monthly email check-ins.

Contact Debbie Meckley

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Make Do and Mend Study Group


The goal of this group is multipurpose: to reduce the waste of fiber materials, to value and reuse existing textiles, to share and repair cloth with the multitude of textile ephemera in our stashes. We hope to make a dent in fabric waste in the world, and to adopt behaviors that show that intention.


Contact Marilyn at for more information.

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