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WSSG Field Trip to the University of Oregon Fiber Arts Department

The EWG Weave Structures Study Group took a field trip on Saturday, May 7th, to the University of Oregon Fiber Arts Department.  First, we learned a bit about satin weave, a classic structure that requires at least 10 shafts for 2 blocks of pattern.  We were then treated to a demonstration on the UO’s 24 shaft AVL Compudobby loom, where Cathy explained some of the intricacies of the loom.  On a different loom we saw the setup for velvet, using a contra to hold the supplementary warp, and saw a few picks woven and cut.

In the next room, we were introduced to the UO’s mechanical Jacquard loom, and the card punch machine.  Cathy explained that this year’s “theme” for the Jacquard projects is NETS.  Cathy showed her design, which will ultimately take 40 cards to weave.  We were also joined by three students, Anna, Cara and Lydia, who are currently enrolled in Fiber Arts, and also scheduled to travel to Italy with Barbara Setsu Pickett’s Lisio Foundation Study trip.  The students demonstrated the card punch machine and lacing the cards together.   We went upstairs to view the mechanical action of the jacquard loom, as a few picks were thrown at the loom below.

We also got to see a portfolio of jacquard designs from Lisio, with woven samples.

Thanks to Anna, Cara, and Lydia, and to Mika, the department technician for letting us in, and thanks to Cathy for arranging everything!

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