Weaving Drafts

EWG Weave Structures Study Group on Shadow Weave Drafting

The EWG Weave Structure Study Group recently explored parallel threading.  The attached pdf provides a tutorial on designing 4 color parallel threading using Fiberworks weaving software.

2017 Annual Show Entry - Tribal Overshot

This overshot table runner was woven by guild member John Morse.

The pattern is based on draft #425 from "8- Shaft Patterns" by Carol Strickler.

The runner was woven with 10/2 and 20/2 mercerized cotton.  

2016 Holiday Sale Bread Cloth

These limited edition bread cloths were a real hit at our 2016 Holiday Sale.  Now you can weave your own!

This pattern is based on handweaving.net draft 61154.

Our cloths were woven with 10/2 mercerized cotton.    We used UKI #140 (safari) for the warp and UKI # 132 (red hot) for the weft.  In addition, a few very popular clothes were woven with blue or green wefts.

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