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The Biennial Auction is Now the EWG FIBERAMA!

The Eugene Weavers’ Guild biennial auction has changed in scope and focus, and now it has a new name. We are delighted to announce the EWG FIBERAMA!  The Guild fundraiser combines raffles, a silent auction, and a rummage sale for fiber-loving folk.  (Preview the raffle and auction items here.)  The first day of the event is Saturday, May 21, from 12:00 to 5:00 pm at the Eugene Textile Center. The event continues on Monday, May 23, at about 11:00 am, following the regular 10:00 EWG business meeting. The raffles and silent auction bidding conclude by noon on May 23. The rummage sale continues until 2:00 pm.

For sale are used and loved looms and other equipment, yarns from our stashes, books, finished weavings, and anything of interest to fiber crafters. Interested friends and family are welcome and wanted at the FIBERAMA, and Saturday is the day to bring them. One need not be present to win a raffle prize or a bid in the silent auction. We will contact whoever wins when the raffles and silent auction conclude on Monday.

Guild members coming to the Guild meeting on Monday, May 23, have a special treat in store. Door prizes will be announced throughout the morning! In addition, the FIBERAMA includes a range of services offered by EWG members. Most relate to fibers, but not all. We are a talented group, and some services are just for fun. Most services are limited to the Eugene-Springfield area. Here’s a sample:


  • Weaving services (warp, wind on, thread, weave, twist fringe)          3 hours            $60

  • Fiberworks help                                                                            2 hours            $30

  • Hemming, by hand or machine                                                    10 items             $50

  • Hem construction coaching                                                            3 hours            $60

  • Spinning lesson (materials provided)                                               1 hour             $40     

  • Learn to make bobbin lace (materials provided)                               6 hours            $75

  • Beginner pickleball lessons                                                            2 hours            $40

  • Whole wheat sourdough bagels                                                     1 Dozen          $16


Important: The FIBERAMA is a cash or check only event. So bring your checkbook, and don’t forget your shopping bags!       

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