The EWG Interest Group concept has begun as a way to keep connected during the Covid shutdown.  An Interest Group is a small group of guild members who want to share common interests, techniques, or to focus on particular topics. Some groups are active, others are still forming.  The group will define what they want to pursue, whether that is problem-solving, designing a group project, tossing around ideas or just share projects they are working on.  


To Join:  Contact the group facilitator identified for the group.  If you have an interest that is not listed below, contact Emily Guilland with a proposal.  She will work to get the word out to other members.

  • Weave a Prayer Shawl:  The Weave a Prayer Shawl Interest Group will be focusing on weaving a prayer shawl that parallels Sarah Jackson's weave along.   Sarah's project can be accessed on her Facebook group under: "Weave Along with Sarah Jackson Peace of My Heart Prayer Shawl

      Facilitator: Linda Borntrager


  • Weave Along:  This is for people who are participating in an existing on-line weave along and would like to have a local group so they can share progress, successes and problems.  Examples are Jane Stafford’s On Line Guild (a new lesson each month), Janet Dawson’s Stash Busting, Warp & Weave (Tien Chiu), or any other venue that offers projects or techniques to follow.  There could be several groups, each following a different weave along.

      Facilitator:  Pat Cane 

  • Rigid Heddle Weaving:  For those who want to learn more and want to explore different ways to create patterns and color combinations with a rigid heddle loom.

      Facilitator – Debbie Meckley

      Facilitator – Diane Pigg

  • Color and Dyeing:  This is for people interested in designing with color in weaving – what colors to choose, how they interact in particular weave structures and creating your own colorways. 

      Facilitator – Emily Guilland 

  • Pattern Identification:  Ever see a weaving pattern in a magazine that you thought was interesting but didn’t know what it was or how to figure it out?  This group will try to work through some of the basics.  Weave software and basic knowledge of how to use it is required.

      Facilitator – Emily Guilland

  • Weaving Kitchen Towels: Tea towels are the perfect vehicle for playing and experimenting and making friends (when you give them away!).  This group will share experiences with different towel patterns and yarns.

      Facilitator – J’nene Wade

  • Weaving with Hand Spun:  Are you a spinner who’d like to weave down your stash of handspun yarns? Or maybe a curious weaver/spinner wondering how characteristics of yarn construction influence the character of cloth? In this group we’ll help one another learn to weave with the yarns we’ve already spun as well as purposefully spin yarn for weaving.

      Facilitator – Beki Reis-Montgomery

  • Historical Weaving Today: In this group we’ll look at some older weaving drafts (from various sources) and have a look at the materials and colors that were used.  The idea is to do a new draft, modifying it to the yarns, sett, purpose, etc. and then weave it!  It would be really good if we could end up with some samples to put in the Guild’s 75th Anniversary show.

      Facilitator: Sue Donaldson

  • Weaving and Designing with Blocks: Are you interested in learning more about how block designs work and using them to create new and creative patterns? 

      Facilitator – Susannah Day

  • 4-Shaft Rug Weaving:  This group will explore rug designs, specific 4 harness patterns, and look at what makes a good rug.

      Facilitator – Not Identified – Interim Emily Guilland

  • Weaving with Meaning:   Not sure how to incorporate a message or meaning into your weaving, or how to base a weaving on an inspiration?  This group will explore options and procedures and share experiences.

      Facilitator – Not Identified – Interim Emily Guilland

  • Tapestry Weaving:  This group will share ideas and experiences with tapestry weaving. The group will not meet formally start until October or November.​​

      Facilitator: Diane Robertson