Ephemeral Fabrics
Egypt and the Aegean: Before and After Tutankhamun
Nancy Arthur Hoskins

ephemeral: transitory, fleeting, lasting a short time

Egyptian pharaohs, gods,  goddesses, and Minoan maidens wear garments of extraordinary patterned fabrics found only in Late Bronze Age Aegean frescoes and New Kingdom tomb paintings. Scholars have questioned if the fabrics were imaginary and -- if not -- what materials and methods were used to form the color-rich cloth?  Art and archaeology merge in my quest to answer that question.

Ephemeral Fabrics is an exhibition of reasonable facsimiles of fifty façonné fabrics from the painted images. The samples, which were part of a research, weaving, writing project, were woven with a technique known to those who created the 14th century B.C. Tutankhamun textiles.

Tomb of Amenhotep III
March 1-27, 2017
Eugene Textile Center Gallery
1510 Jacobs Drive, Eugene, Oregon 541 688 1565

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