Equipment Rental

A written agreement setting forth the terms and conditions under which Guild equipment is used is always required. If the equipment is used by the guild, the appropriate Guild Chair will sign the agreement, however the Guild and not the Guild Chair bears any risk of loss of or damage to the equipment.

If a deposit is required, rental costs will be deducted from the deposit and any balance will be returned to the renter. A required deposit must be greater than or equal to the amount of the rent. If a rental extended, an additional deposit is required. If an item of equipment is damaged or lost during the rental, the member is responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the equipment.
Looms may be rented by the month for workshops, demonstrations, and home use and may be rechecked-out for an additional two months after consultation with the Guild Equipment chair. A $25 deposit is required when checking out a loom. Loom rental includes an appropriate, available reed. Priority will be given to workshop participants.
Looms $10 per month or $25 for 3 months or, if used in a Guild-sponsored workshop, $5 for 2 months

Looms                                         Harnesses                              Weaving Width Reeds Available

Mountain Loom   8                     18-inch                                    (the Mountain Looms share
Mountain Loom   8                     18-inch                                    8, 10, 12, and 15 dent reeds)             
Baby Wolf             8                     26-inch

Miscellaneous tools may be rented by the month for $5 per month:


Rag cutter
Fraser (the Rigby rug cutter is missing)
Schacht rope maker
Shibori Bent Needle Hook

Reeds may be rented by the month for $5 per month.


Size                        Dents
15 x 5”                     8
17.5 x 5”                  8
15 x 4.75”              12
20 x 4”                   10 (requires cleaning)
20 x 5.5”                16
26 x 5.25”              10


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