Crackle Weave Workshop with Susan Wilson
February 20-21, 2016

Crackle weave is a surprisingly versatile weave with exciting design potential for fabrics from table linens to clothing to rugs. Crackle is a block weave that shares some characteristics with overshot and summer and winter, but has its own advantages and idiosyncrasies. In this workshop you will learn the essentials designing classic 4 shaft crackle weave through lecture, drafting exercises, and on loom exploration of the design elements of color, texture, and proportion. We will then investigate how crackle can be dramatically altered through treadling in the manner of other familiar weaves, and by using a variety of special treadling methods, such as polychrome, lacey effects, and boundweave.

Designing with Multi-Shaft Crackle with Susan Wilson
February 22, 2016

Susan Wilson will present a seminar to all interested guild members, beginning at 1:00 p.m. The subject will be “Designing with Multi-Shaft Crackle”.  She will review some of what was taught in the above workshop, and then move on to eight-shaft, and more, crackle weave designs.  Susan will have numerous samples and projects to share.


The seminar will take place at the Eugene Textile Center

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